Vaijanti Mala / Vaijayanti Mala Original for Pooja and Wearing for Men and Women


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Vaijanti Mala / Vaijayanti Mala Original for Pooja and Wearing for Men and Women

As per Hinduism Vaijayanti / Mala Vaijanti Mala is associated with Lord Krishna and Vishnu. The mala is used to chant mainly mantras associated with Krishna, Vishnu and the avatars of Lord Vishnu. There are numerous benefits of wearing Vaijayanti Mala. It is believed that Sri Krishna used to wear this mala.

As per Indian Astrology, Here are following benefits to wear a

Vaijayanti Mala:

  • It attracts positive energy and keeps out negative energy.
  • It is believed that by wearing the mala, even enemies will become friends.
  • There will be peace and prosperity.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • Success in life.
  • Wearing it is good for those investing in stock markets.
  • For better luck always carry a Vaijayanti mala.

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